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This website contains links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by The Missing Mann Project. Please be aware that The Missing Mann Project is not responsible for the content found on any of such other sites. This privacy statement applies only to information contained within this website. We do not endorse, promote, or sponsor any of the external websites; as they are intended for editorial and/or educational purposes only.
If you're one of the original photographers for any of the images used on this site, in which one or more of your photo(s) were not properly credited, we welcome you to contact us (via email) with that information. We believe in giving credit where credit is due and unfortunately we may not have had the correct information (if any) at the time of launching this website.
Furthermore, if you'd rather us not use one or more of the photos, we'd be more than willing to take the photo down. Again, simply email us and we'll correct the issue.
The Missing Mann Project is a not-for-profit group formed by the Missing Person’s family. The sole purpose of this site is to promote awareness on the case of Keith Mann. We ask that you observe the copyright laws concerning the design, layout, and content found within this site, as no part of this site may be reproduced without legal, written consent of the site’s owners.
We respect the privacy of others and will not ask you for any personal identifying information. If you wish to share something with us privately, we ask that you send us an email. However, if you choose to share information with any of the contacts listed, please be aware that you may have to identify yourself, for legal reasons in regard to the respective laws and/or policies of those agencies. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make that known in advance, as we cannot be held responsible for any identities revealed by any such agency.
We must insist that you refrain from comments which are racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion. In addition, we ask that comments avoid making offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference and that, comments do not make any remarks which is intended to be a direct insult to an individual, group, or person. Threatening remarks or other malicious comments will be taken seriously and is met with zero tolerance. Comments which are overly aggressive, personally insulting or needlessly abusive are also prohibited.
While not strictly prohibited we must insist that all personal arguments, disagreements, and other volatile "personal" issues within be confined to private communications such as emails, or Instant Messaging programs. Likewise we discourage public accusations and other similar situations.

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