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About the Missing Mann Project

Symbolic meaning of hope for the Mann Family.

  • About the Disappearance

    Keith Mann went missing sometime in between 11:45 p.m. May 10th and the early morning hours of May 11th, 1997, and has not been heard from since. Despite all the efforts and resources of his family, friends, and WF Police Dept., Keith remains missing to this day.


    A joint effort was made in 2002 by a Texas Ranger and a Texas Department of Public Safety Investigator in conducting a "cold case" investigation. Unfortunately no additional information surfaced despite the special attention given to Keith's case.

  • About Keith Mann

    Gregory Keith Mann, Jr. was born on February 19th, 1977  in  Alamogordo, NM. He went by his middle name, Keith, since birth. His childhood years were spent  jointly between parents, Gregg Mann and Sandra Groce, who divorced in 1980. In the summer of 1991, when he was a teenager, he moved to Wichita Falls,TX to live with his dad, Gregg and step-mom, Debra.  He is "big brother" to sisters, Brittany & Sarah Mann, and brother, Jesse Groce.


    Keith showed signs of being a natural athlete at an early age and especially excelled in soccer and baseball. In high school Keith decided to concentrate on baseball and as a result he had many accomplishments during his high school career. In his senior year, he helped his team win the District 5-A championship. Keith also earned the Don Hartman Memorial award that same year. The award honors the Senior baseball player who demonstrates heart, hard work and leadership through the course of their baseball career at Rider High School. Keith was awarded a scholarship to North Central Texas Junior College in Gainseville, TX. He also enjoyed playing competitive softball with his dad, Gregg and he also played competitive baseball for the Burkburnett Blacksox.


    Keith's friends and family remember him as being intelligent, reserved, well mannered, and having a good sense of humor. Though he kept to himself, he always knew how to brighten almost any situation and was especially good at telling jokes and making people laugh and smile. He was always very well groomed and liked  to keep his hair short. Keith's good looks and charming personality made him a very well liked young man.


  • About the Project

    The Missing Mann Project was created in 2012 as a Senior Design project by Brittany Mann. The project was for the International Academy of Design and Technology (Dec. 2012). To view the project click here.


    What originally started out as a missing persons flyer, created by Keith's father and step-mother has evolved into a website dedicated in  trying to solve the mystery of their missing son. His family  continues  to search for Keith and ultimately hope to find him alive and safe.

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